Am heartbroken Sir
In my school what they do is that if you don’t know way u can’t pass
But av made covenant with God that I will never pay for lecturer to pass me
And I put ally very best in the 1st semester exam and I back it up with prayers
But fortunately they posted the results but to my surprise what I saw is not what I wrote, God can testify that something is fishing but I believe in God that brake protocols.
I believe so much in God cuz that was not his handwriting
I know God can rewrite the results thou am not the only one in that shoe but it provoke the holy spirit in when some start to challenge God in there words due to what they saw.
When I got home I started praying to God that ur handwriting is what we want, let an order from above come that the results should be cancelled.
Is for u to help your children in faith to raise the banner of prayer
That must stop on our own set.
The Lord should Rewrite the results and the one that his not is handwriting should be cancelled. We must testify cuz I believe there is nothing on this Earth that God can not do

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