1. Pray for God’s blessings over anything i lay my hands .
2. Pray against any form of night spiritual attack.
3. Pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness.
4. Pray God should lift me behold my thoughts and expectations.
5. Pray God should give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
6. In everything i do i need God’s protection and i want to be exceptional.

??‍♂️  everything I do, I shall prosper

And God should bless me with a supporting woman

That God should keep us long and happy
Prayer for God’s wisdom and guidance in whatever I do.
Prayers for His blessings on me and my family.
Prayer for His guidance and love to continue to wax stronger in my relationship.
Prayer for academic excellence for me and my siblings

Tope: Lord grant her heart desires.

Korede: Lord grant him is heart desires.

Jerubal: Make God grant me my heart desires

My prayer request are that the Lord be with my children and Mummy.
More importantly the Lord’s intervention in Govt ASUU strike so that my children resume back in Unilag without delay.
Lord grant me direction over my business.

My own:
Lord please convict the hearts of my friends that are not believers.
Lord please grant my family and I perfect health.
Lord please give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
Lord let your will be done over my life.
Lord baptiste me with the holy spirit.
Lord make Nigeria great again .
Lord heal my ear, from hardness of my bladder and from fungal infection on my hands and inside my blood.
Come against every spiritual attack over my life.

Lord inspire me to know my life’s purpose.

Lord please remove the thing in my chest that is making semilogo cough.

Lord grant me direction over my business.

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