* Abba Father, please, show me your unending mercy. In this month of grace, be gracious and merciful unto me in Jesus name.
* Father, help me to please you. Bring an end to rising and falling in walk with you Lord. Help me to be consistent with you. Help me to align with your perfect will for my life, please Lord, do not replace me in your assignment, help me to be faithful till the end in Jesus name.
* Father, please, wipe away my marital tears. I want to marry in this year 2022. Destroy the yoke of marital delay in my life. Wherever my spouse is, divinely connect us, work things out between us and maritally settle us this year 2022. Change me from miss to Mrs, from single to married in this year 2022 in Jesus name.
* Father, help me to build a home where Christ will be at the center of it all. Bless me with a home of heaven on earth, a home of Love, Joy, Peace, God’s presence manifesting, and godly children in Jesus name. I will not be barren in Jesus name. Speedy fruitfulness in Jesus name.
* Father, financially liberate me. Provide for me financially and bring an end to lack of money in my life. Bless me financially and make me a source of financial blessing to others in Jesus name.
*Father, help Beloved Royal Couture. Greatly connect her to people and customers that matters. Silence all her enemies completely. Favour her and make her beloved indeed. Connect her with people of high dignitaries in Jesus name.
* Father, fight for me in all areas and give me victory in Jesus name.
* Father, please, bless me with unstoppable speed in Jesus name.
* Father, help me Lord. Lord Jesus, please, pray for me in Jesus name.

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