* A covenant of mercy upon my family, my life and generations after me.
* Father, let my love for you not grow cold. Put an unquestionable hunger for you in my heart.
* Fresh fire upon my altar. Let the fire upon my altar not burn out.
* Jesus, let my brother and fiancee genuinely encounter you.
* Lord, help my family and I to stay rapturable till you come.
* Lord, connect me to the people you have destined me to meet in life and ministry.
* Bless my uncle’s wife with the fruit of the womb.
* Let the door of celebration be opened in my family and may it never be shut.
* My siblings and I will fulfil destiny.
* Divine healing for my parents.
* My siblings and I won’t miss it maritally and that the Lord settles us this year.
* Business expansion for me and every member of my family.
* Lord, please wipe away every secret tears in my family.

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