1)I want God to rekindle my prayer altar(revive my spiritual life).
2)I want God to settle me maritally this year, I want to connect me to my God ordained spouse and receive proposal and engagement before the middle of the month of September 2022.
3) I want God to give me a good job in this month of September that will give me peace of mind and joy and deliver me from the job that does not give me peace of mind that I’m doing at the moment.
4) I want God to shine his light into every areas of my life and my family.
5) I want God to visit the life of my blood brother by is mercy and deliver him from every attack over his life. I pray God should transform his life and give him a meaning life.
6) I want God to bring strategy friendship, destiny helpers into my life.
7) I want to be a favour and be favoured, I want to receive favour from both God and man.
8) I want God to transform my life and make it meaningful.
9) I want God to restore me of everything have lost and give me speed, ( I want God to restore the years the cankerworms have eaten).
10) I want God to glorify himself in my life this year maritally and fulfilled his word in my life.
11) I receive visibility in every areas of my life.
12) I want the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, increasre my faith, power and fire of God.

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