1)Father, Activate in my LIFE,And FAMILY your Covenant of Healing, Deliverance and Victory, Mercy, Blessings, Newness, Answered Prayers,and Fruitfulness.

2) Father, I receive a brand New Stable job with reputable company…A job that will take me round the world to the glory of your name

3)Father,I receive my miracle God’s will in marriage

4)Father, I receive turn around in all areas of my life.

5) Father,I receive Supernatural intelligence

6)Father,I receive Supernatural increase on all sides

7) Holy Ghost Carry me

8)O God, send somebody to somebody to help me this month

9)O LORD, connect me with my unusual destiny helpers: My Jethro’s, Aaron’s,and Joshua’s… Connect me with my destiny connectors,introducers, influencers, promoters,My UncommonSpouse,burden bearers, ladder holders,and gifted helpers.This I ask in Jesus name Amen.

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