[11/22/2021, 5:16 AM] Mrs Makinde: Prayer request
Revival in all areas of my life and family
Divine daily provisions for me and my family
Miraculous house and car for us
Career breakthrough for me and my family
Overseas scholarship for my children and my siblings and grandchildren
Uncommon spiritual gifts
Divine healing and health
Marital establishment for Banji and Dami Akinwande
Fruitfulness of Tosin
Healings for my mum and siblings
Godly spouses for my daughters
Outpouring of God presence in overflowing assembly
All round favour
Marital establishment of opeyemi omole
Salvation of my spouse and family
Business breakthrough
[11/22/2021, 5:21 AM] Mrs Makinde: Pay all my debts and settle my children school fees
Deliver my mother children from debt
[11/22/2021, 5:24 AM] Mrs Makinde: Grant me hunger and thirst for you
Heal me of bone and back pains
[12/4/2021, 5:58 AM] Mrs Makinde: Revive me
New shop and traveling abroad
[1/10, 5:59 AM] Mrs Makinde: Outstanding success and admission for Tamilore this year
[1/12, 5:57 AM] Mrs Makinde: Rekindle my prayer life
[1/27, 5:59 AM] Mrs Makinde: First class for Precious
[1/27, 5:59 AM] Mrs Makinde: Shomolu general Hospital will favour me
[2/16, 5:57 AM] Mrs Makinde: Giveu us God fearing Pastor in overflowing assembly
[4/21, 5:59 AM] Mrs Makinde: Perfect my lifting and obanla Modupe today
Put an end to unexplainable debt owing in my life

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