1. While in Nigeria,I was a medical officer for 19 years no progression as I couldn’t pass my residency exam. Now in the United States, I pray the Lord to rewrite my story, to give me grace to prepare and pass the USMLE 1, 2 and 3, which are the medical licensing exam.
2. The Lord should favor me with scholarship for my masters degree and grant me admission into His choice school for me.
3. The Lord should please hasten up our papers of stay, F1, R1& R2 visa and our Green Card
4. I pray the Lord for an outstanding academic success for my children and a fulfillment of their destinies.
5. Grace to know God, a new heart and a ministry fulfillment
6. Financial breakthrough in the land of the United States
7. Perfect health for my husband and everyone of us. Termination of premature death convenants and affliction

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