1. The mercy of God should speak for me in all ramifications
2. No carry over, no missing script, no low grade, no extra year in my academic career.
3. The Lord should do what he only is capable of doing to me in this exam
4. I should not be put to shame academically in federal poly ilaro, in accountancy department
5. I know I don’t do the Financial account exam questions very well l, Oh Lord do what only you can do…I don’t wanna fail.
6. Place something upon my life that my generation will live to celebrate.
7. Let me not pass away like an ordinary person
8. My CGPA must rise to distinction.
9. The holy ghost should manifest his full office in my life.
10. The lord should set me on fire
11. I rebuke failure, delay, stagnation, set back in my life.
12. The will of God should be done
13. Academic excellence
14. AJM should carry more fire
15. The Lord should anoint me with grace, mercy, fire and favour.
16. Make provisions for me in all ramifications
17. Holy ghost and power.


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