1. Set my heart on fire for you. Help me see you in every area of my life in Jesus Christ’s name Amen
2. Abba please save my sibling’s souls in Jesus Christ’s name Amen God please help my aunty please save her all around. God, please fix her in Jesus Christ’s name Amen!!
3. Abba my relocation to Canada in August 2022, God please finish what You have started help me receive my student permit and get my visa before August in Jesus Christ’s name Amen
4. Abba please help my dad’s business Glopot Power and my mom’s business. Let it bring in more income in Jesus Christ name Amen
5. God, please bless my parents with long life and satisfy them early in Jesus Christ’s name Amen
6. God please bless me and satisfy me early in Jesus Christ’s name Amen concerning my career Goals! My marital Goals God please help me to be a good wife and help my husband to locate me early! God, please help me with my wealth goal. God, please help me concerning my kingdom assignment and my desire in Jesus Christ’s name Amen!!!

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