1. I want to know GOD for myself, I refuse to be tired and weak
2. I refuse to take offense as I pass through my season of preparation.
3. My Husband, in-laws will see me as a blessed daughter, I know what to do at the Right time, I will be a blessing to their family.
4. Divine Favour, Assistance,helper in my upcoming wedding which is June 25, the weather will speak of us.
5. Help me to be Humble at all times oh Lord, Bless the work of my Hands & my husband to be.
6. Financial breakthrough on all sides
7. Bless my father, mother & silblings, they will serve God till the end.
8. Lord I need a new Job, a comfortable one that I can have time for my Abba.
9. Lord Empower me to serve you beyond human expectations, my expectations will never be cut short.
10. Help me ministrially, financially, less of me and more of God in my Life. I will sing to win souls for Christ.
11. Oh Lord open the eyes of my understanding, give me the Courage, take away every Spirit of fear in the Name of Jesus.
12. Oh Lord give me a Birthday gift in the Name of JESUS, MAY 26.

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