1. I pray that God will remove the lump/ growth in my left breast speedily In Jesus name

2.I pray for God’s divine lifting. I’m tired of walking alone. I want God to carry me Himself. The lifter of men lift me up.
3. Whenever I’m praying I feel a sensation on my face like web but it not web, it a deception to put fear in me while praying. I pray in Jesus name that I will not feel it again IJN
4. I pray that only God’s perfect plan is permitted in my life
5. I pray that I will not be deceived by men again. I will not fall into the hands of pretender In Jesus
6. I pray that my daughter will not inherit any evil from either lineage, that she will be great and her father that has deserted her will see that God is the Best Father for her
7. I pray that God will make me a kingdom financer IJN (Amen)

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