1: I pray that the Lord will shine his eyes and goodness upon me
2: I want God to reveal my purpose to me through my dreams
3: I want to be able to see clearly
4: I want to receive the baptism of the holyspirit and it’s evidence
5: I want divine breakthrough
6: I want divine health
7: I want divine healing in all aspect of life
8: I want financial breakthrough
9: I want to travel out of Nigeria very soon and I pray that God should send helpers to me
10: I ask for divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
I ask that my eyes of understanding are enlightened
11; I ask that every dead thing in me should come back to life
12: I intercede for my father that God should change him for good… He should come into the consciousness of who he is in Christ and old things should be passed away in his life
13: I pray that my mum should eat the fruits of her labor and including her husband and children
14: No power of darkness and evil ones shall move me
15: God should raise a standard when the enemies come like a flood
16: There should be financial breakthrough for my family
17: My younger sister should get the course of her choice
She should be given Medicine in the University of Abuja
She should come out in flying colors in all her exams
18: God should have mercy on me too concerning my school exams
I should come out in flying colors in Jesus name
19: God should do a new thing in my life that will make people to rejoice with me
20: My cousin Olayinka should travel abroad before the end of this year
21: My sister should be connected divinely in Jesus name and all of us should travel out before the end of this year
22: Lord Jesus you promised to buy my mum a car
Pls do it as soon as possible in Jesus name
And she should be connected divinely as well
23: God should prosper my cousin in all his investments
24: The lord should send helpers from above to my mum
25: God should grant us more of him and the holyspirit
26: God should let Damilola come out in flying colors in all his endeavors
27: A new business for mum Damilola
28: Financial liberation for me and my family
29: God should give me retentive memory and spirit of excellence
30: Elaboration in my mummy’s program
31: God should answer all other prayers that I don’t remember to put here.

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