1. I pray that the Lord visits my parents financially and provide help to offset all debts and bills.

2. I pray that the Lord provides a camera and laptop so that I can speed up the process of perfecting my photography skill to be able to serve in the media department in my local church, YMR and all Pastor Daniel Olawande’s meetings.

3. I pray that the Lord encounters my parents and siblings so that they might be saved.

4. I pray that there’s supernatural supply and favour always.

5. I pray that my spiritual life keeps moving forward and the fire on my altar never burns out.

6. I pray for the salvation of my unsaved friends and that the power of the Holy Ghost is intensified in my life, the love of God increases in my heart and that my life draws men to the kingdom when they see me in the academia and in every other place.

7. I also pray for Pastor Daniel Olawande that your power is intensified in his ministry and that through his ministry, hell is depopulated and men are set on fire globally. He forever remains relevant in God’s agenda and that you’ll keep his family and the whole of Flaming Nation and use them for your glory!

Thank you Jesus because I know I’m next in line to testify.

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