1. I pray for grace to live for Good, serve Him, follow Him till the end and make heaven at last.
2. That God’s mercy speak to my present situations; those places I have applied for job, that His mercy single me out for the position I applied to in Jesus name.
3. That God Almighty, by mercy deliver me from all the past defeats and failures.where I have been disappointed His mercy should speak for me to get appointment.
4. That God by His power deliver me from every inherited battles, curses, poverty and struggles without result.
5. I pray that God should set me free from every evil voice, force, spirit and pronouncement militating against my success and breakthrouh.
6. That God should grant me favour as I am applying for scholarships in abroad.
7. I pray that very soon God should bring I and my fiancee together in marital settlement and bless our union.
8. I pray that should grant me good success in my post graduate studies in Jesus name.
9. I pray God for financial breakthrough and all that I lay my hands upon succeed in Jesus name.
10. That God should help, guide and guard and grant me a successful election and hand over in the youth arm of the Church where He has placed me in Jesus name.


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