1. I pray for God’s help and favour for my parent, that the he should settle my parents indeed
2. I pray that God send helper to my mum that she will be able to buy goods and run her business well in the name of Jesus
3. I pray that the mercy of God speak for my dad and all the old people that has retired concerning the money Mobil is owing them and they should be paid before the end of the month in Jesus name.
4. I pray that God change the life of my younger brother and safe his soul from the corruption of this generation in Jesus name
5. I pray for my fiance that heaven help him to clear his debt and provide a wonderful job for him.
6. I pray for God’s help and favour in this semester examination, that the Lord should crown my effort with good grade.
7. People are saying in second semester students GP do go down in the name of Jesus mine will go up, it will be far better than last semester in the name of Jesus
8. I pray that God put my interest in the heart of my helpers .
9. Father as I have started my academic journey help me till the end, strengthen me lord, my school fees will not be an issue for me to pay in the name of Jesus.
10. I ask for supernatural provision, divine protection, breakthrough, favour, mercy , grace ,for myself, parent, siblings and fiance in the name of Jesus
11. Oh lord my father bend me till I look more like in the name of Jesus.
12. Strengthen me lord to pray, to read your word, help me to grow spiritually in the name of Jesus.
13. God plz heal me from every sickness in the name of Jesus touch my life with your hands.
14. I ask for divine wisdom knowledge and understanding in the name of Jesus.
15. In the name of Jesus my matric number receive favour, my name receive favour, I receive favour in every area of my life in the name of Jesus.
16. Father the place I am living put my love in their heart oh lord, change the woman let her stop being wicked to me in the name of Jesus.
17. Father help me , I will not be stranded, my allowance will not be delayed in the name of Jesus .
18. Lord please heal me from high blood pressure in the name of Jesus.
19. Father let your name be glorified in my life, the life of my family, my relationship in Jesus name Amen..

Thank you Jesus ?

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