1. For wisdom,insight and knowledge to manifest full potential.
2. Before September 2022,I am getting a new phone and a new laptop.
3. I would meet my husband before the end of 2022 and would get married before june 2023.
4. I would receive a job offer paying $5000 and above before am done with my service year.
5. 2 months after my marriage,I would be pregnant for my twin babies(2 boys)
6. My husband would be financially stable in good health and his family would love me like their own.
7. I pray for favors and miracles upon the life’s of Obinna,Comfort,Ugochukwu,Chioma and Chijoke lemanya.
8. I pray for Toyosi,Chiamaka,IB that their heart desires at met.
9. I gain financial stability and growth from July 2022 henceforth.
10. I meet the right people and networks.
11. Anyaike ugochukwu would receive a testimony in a weeks time concerning his visa.
12. I would remain a channel of blessing,joy,peace and favor to my husband,friends,family,company and surrounding.

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