(1) Father, thank you for Your marvelous deeds in my life and family.
(2) Father, thank you for Your promises over my home because You will bring them to fulfilment to the glory of your name.
(3) Father, according to the word of your servant, give unto us in my home, miracles that will make us role on the floor to worship You, miracles that we are not qualified for but worked out by Your mercies.
(4) Father, please in Your mercy change the present job of my husband to a more glorifying one and establish him financially.(5) Father, shower Your blessings on my home and let the whole earth fear You.
(6) Father, let every evil family pattern limiting my advancement and that of my husband be totally destroyed, thereby leading to our advancement on every side to the glory of Your name
(7) Father, please perfect all that concerns my career, academics and health in the name of Jesus
(8) Father, please raise helpers for us in my marriage.
(9) Father, please draw me closer to Yourself and help me to stay in perfect alignment with You till the very end.
(10) Father, thank You for answers to prayers and for the testimonies, Glory your name, in Jesus mighty name. (Amen)

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