1.)Father take away all form of affliction in my body a d grant me speedy and total recovery.
2.)Father help me maritally don’t let the devil have his way in my life.
3.)Father help me with my master programs grant me speedy answers and also provide for me financially.
4.)Father speak through me to my family let them know that there is a God I’m serving.
5.)Father connect me with my destiny helpers I shall not be stranded in Jesus name .
6.)Father make me a source to my generation out there.
7.)Father help me and my family and lift each and every one of us to a greater
8.)Father please heal my mum from all form of sicknesses.
9.) Father I pray that I and my family members will not die Young.
10.)Father where-ever my household are both home and abroad you will continue to provide for each and every one of us.

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