1. Father please help me not to struggle in my walking with you
2. Father,please let your will be done in my life and your kingdom come in my life
3. Father, please let my younger brother oreoluwa have a divine encounter with you
4. Father, please i don’t want to die young. I want to live long to fulfill God’s mandate for my life
5. Father, please let my business,ministry,finance,career and marriage prosper in my hands
6. Holy Spirit please do not cease to give me directions
7. Father, please connect oluwabukola to people that matters and let your mercy speak for him throughout the day of his life
8. Father, please let me,my children,children children enjoy your mercy,grace and Favour throughout the days of our lives
9. Father please revive my prayer alter,it is too cold
10. Father, please give me what i will eat for the rest of my life
11. Father please let every foundational problem in my life be destroyed in Jesus name
12. Father please every curse affecting my divinely destiny be destroyed in Jesus name
13. Father please connect me to my destiny helpers speedily in Jesus name
14. Father i thank you because all my prayer requests are going to be answered speedily

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