1. Father, I receive victory over Masturbation and porn (video and stories) addiction
2. Lord I ask that I begin to achieve with ease
3. Father I ask for a good job with ease
4. I receive my big harvest
5. I’m tired of moving in circles in my spiritual life. I want to grow
6. Lord settle me maritally
7. Father please bless me indeed
8. Lord let warfare come to an end in my life and family
9. I receive my destiny helpers and they begin to help me.
10. None will die or be missing in my family
11. I receive destiny friends, strategic relationships
12. I’m tired of depending on my parents for everything I need, father please intervene in my case
13. I receive all-round help
14. Nothing will stop my progress from now on.
15. Lord please reveal what you will have me do.
16. I receive clarity for my life and ministry
17. Breakthrough financially, maritally, spiritually, careerwise and every areas of my life.
18. Father cause me to be align to your will for my life
19. Lord please settle my sister with your mercy.
20. Lord let your peace reign in my family.

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