1.)Father help me to finish well in my service(NYSC) land.
2.)Father remove sickness in my body.
3.)Father lord every of my destiny helper that you have assigned to me o lord let them locate me in Jesus name
4.)Father Lord locate me to the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh in Jesus name.
5.)Father Lord I put my entire family until your able hands bless us all beyond measures.
6.Father make me great in life so that I can help thousands of people out there.
7.Father my parents will not die Young they will eat the fruits of their labour.
8.)Father let afflictions and diseases be far away from my family.We all say Bye Bye to sickness in Jesus name.
9.)Father lord after my service year. Lord take me to a higher place let me find a good and pleasing job.
10.)Father Lord deliver me from the hands of the evil ones don’t let my enemies prevail over me in Jesus name.

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