1) Divine encounter
2)Father please open my spiritual eyes and ear
3)Father please in your mercy before the end of this year connect me with my destiny helper
4)Lord have mercy on me put an end to struggle in my life and bless me tremendously to be a blessing to my generation
5)Lord please help me
6) Father satisfy me Early with your Mercy that I may be glad and rejoice all my days
7)Father please give me a Job that will give me the time to serve you and will put an end to poverty in my life and family
8)father break me through financially
9)Lord before the end of this month let me receive the gift of house,car and coastal bus for my ministry
10)Lord please before the end of this Month let my sis get pregnant and deliver safely
11)Lord please help every member of my family and mubo
12) father please before the end of this year let my father encounter you

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