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  • That the Lord will provide miraculously for my wedding and marriage and everything that is needed for our new home will be provided. Myself and my fiance will not borrow to do anything, exceedingly and abundantly beyond our expectations the Lord will come through for us and our day of joy will be made glorious by Him. Non of us shall die and we will enjoy our marriage forever. The Lord will establish us powerfully and connect my fiance with big and well paying cases and clients. Amen
  • Divine Restoration Spiritually,Financially, Materially, Academically in Jesus Name. Every power working against my life, that has cost me my spiritual life, God should destroy them and restore me back. More of God in my life again, Power to love God and do the things of God should be release upon mme. Holy Spirit should filled me upon and cause revival in my Life again in Jesus Name. Only God should matters to my life always. God should connect me with helpers of Destiny and God should raise helpers for me at every areas of life. Grace,Mercy and Favor of God should ml be evident I'm my life. Success in all my Examination. I want to graduate with a good grade and without having any issue
  • 1. I want God to provide 3000000 for my business 2. I want God to connect me to my husband and I want to be married by November 19 has prophecy by the man of God 3.i want God to connect me to people that will change me life financially, and God should announce me for people and recommendation for contract 4. I want God to provide for me a new car Toyota venza 2021 edition white colour 5. I want God to lift me up financially
  • Father, please have mercy on me. I pray for my financial restoration and breakthrough. I oray for divine increase in all ramifications. Father please have mercy on me.
  • 1. Divine personal encounter. 2. Divine restoration of all lost glory 3. Financial breakthrough. 4. God's settlement for my introduction 5. Divine direction in life. 6. Father destroy the yoke of backwardness in my life. 7. Every foundational battle in my life expire in Jesus name. 8. Father let me be cleared this year academically.
  • God please give me perfect health. Heal me completely from fungi infections on my body. I pray that my spiritual life grows deeper. Lord please heal mental health and strength it. Lord please give my parents and siblings perfect health. Lord have mercy on me.
  • Please sir, my prayer is deliverance from limited mindset and fear. God bless you sir
  • Before the end of September, i want to ve clear of every debt. I have 3 due dates between now and monday. The total of everything is over 400000. I've solicited for help but ive not gotten any reply. By the power of the holy ghost. I come out of September debt free. I receive divine growth for my business. I'm debt free in jesus name.
  • Pls sir, help me pray that God settle me maritally before this year end. Am in my fifties , I really need God's intervention. Thank you sir
  • Father,grant me victory in all areas of my life Father, please pay every of my debt Father financial blessings that is beyond human imagination Father please where I have been rejected I begin to receive approvals Father, please have mercy on me Father grant me a job that change my story to grace Father make me an evidence of answered prayers
  • I ask for grace to know God to the end.i must gain admission this year and the exam I want to write, God should help me through. I pray that God should stop my bed wetting in Jesus.God should heal my eye in Jesus name.God should help me to see spiritually and to know my purpose in Jesus name 🙏
  • I want the Lord to grant me the job I’m going for it’s interview at Access bank on Saturday, that I find favour in the sight of all! I also pray that poverty, lack and struggles come to an end in my life and lineage completely! Amen!
  • Hallelujah My application for help I pray for divine intervention financially I pray that the Lord provide Job for me I pray for breakthrough in all aspects of my life. Amen
  • I desire God's direction and guidance in ministry Miracle job for myself and my fiance Miracle Marriage and divine Marital settlement for myself and my elder sister this year
  • Father Thank you for the salvation of my soul O lord grant I and my family unendless help in every area of my life Father I am putting my interview into your hands o lord let me singled out for greatness in the multitude Father maritally I ask for a man after your own heart, my own best friend,a lover of your word .. Father increase in my industry, father grant me ideas and innovations that will move forward Father I ask begin to receive letters of congratulations from henceforth
  • Father,heal me of typhoid fever in the name of Jesus Father,my Father receive his healing now in Jesus name Father,reverse every attack of the enemy over my family health in Jesus name Father,my family receive financial help in Jesus name Lord,every good thing that my family has lost is restored in the name of Jesus Father,I receive my new beginning now and I recover every thing that the devil has stole or taken away from me in Jesus name Father,in my dad and mum place of work let favour locate them in Jesus name
  • *I want God to revive my prayer life and restore my relationship with Him. *I want God to empower me to fulfill the glorious destiny He has for me *I want God to grant me fully funded Masters scholarship that will fund my spouse as well *I want God to settle all the embarrassing debts of my family and make all of us debt-free. *I want God to direct me and my fiancee on the right time of settlement and supply all needs and give us a peaceful home. *I want God to settle me with high paying job immediately after my service by mercy. *I want God to settle me and my family members to our permanent site before the end of this year. *I want God to touch the life of our first born and help me to relate properly. *I want God to preserve the life of my parents with good health and give my mum rest on all sides. *I want God to help me and my family members to make it to heaven by His grace. *I want God to remember Pst Femi Adedeji this month and all waiting mothers
  • Father, I pray for accelerated promotion, wisdom, help, mercy and divine touch that wipes away every secret tears and turns them into testimonies. I pray that evil yokes will be broken off me and my family I pray that God will raise up great destiny helpers for me. I pray that God will help me so I can study abroad Help my daddy and restore him back.
  • I pray for Divine intervention of the Lord in my life, family and business in Jesus name.
  • •Prayer power •Financial breakthrough me and my family •Clarity of visions •Healing (my dad) •Marital settlement