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  • Favour

    Lord help me, help my business. Give me unusual favour for financial breakthrough

  • Leading

    Father Lord help me grow more...

  • prayer requests

    1. I ask that God heals me and restore my health as I was diagnosed of hormonal imbalance
    2. Divine turnaround in my family,open doors
    3. Unsatiable hunger for the things of God..staying grace in the place of prayers and intercession and to dwell till I become the woman he wants me to be.
    4. For my school,that God shows up and indeed floods the school with righteousness,and take the school for himself

  • Healing

    Have been having issue with my leg for years now.trusting God for healing.please pray for me

  • Prayer

    Father, take me inside my prophetic destiny...

  • Opportunity

    Father please I need a job before this year runs out.

  • Mrs

    Fruit of the womb

  • Master

    Father in the name of Jesus, Lead me to the scripture of my purpose today with the Holyspirt

  • Bro

    Good day Sir, have been trusting God for a particular healing in an aspect of wife and it's weighing me down.
    Please pray for my total healing from God.

  • Healing

    I have been battling with an unknown sickness for more than 3 years now. Been to several hospitals, yet no specific diagnosis. I need a supernatural healing because I am tired of this ceaseless pain... I believe it will cease by the grace of God.

  • Breakthrough

    pls I nid God's touch upon my mum's eyes frm d illness of glaucoma she has bin suffering of this for 7yrs now.
    I want a job breakthrough since I graduated 2013, I havent had a job
    I want God to grant my Elder sist jib breakthrough n marital breakthrough causing her marriage to be restored n blissful.
    I need my dad to be saved and delivered from the bondage of alcohol addiction.
    I need God to reveal his will for me and as to my gospel music calling.

  • Weakness

    Good day
    Have been going through a lot difficulties in my spiritual life
    Everything has been hard today
    And I also have a generational battle am fighting and it’s like am fighting in vain

  • Miss

    I want God healing and wholeness from every form of sickenness over my life as well as my mum

  • Mr

    I need God's intervention on my academics and boldness to preach the Gospel.

  • Miss

    I want the Lord to make me a terror to the kingdom of darkness

    I want the Lord to cancel untimely death over my siblings

    I want the Lord to save my boss and deliver his soul from the web of immorality

    I want the Lord to help AYOMIDE DAVID to keep growing in wisdom and the knowledge of Christ...that he will find it difficult to go back to his vomit...that the Holy spirit will be committed to him and grant him grace to love the Lord with all his heart and soul

    I want the Lord to show me hidden things about my future

    I want God to liberate and deliver the young people in a town where I live from the shackles of immorality, youthful lust and forces that is waging war against their soul and destiny

    I also ask that the Lord will prevent P Daniel, Femi Lazarus, Lawrence Oyor and other vessel and ministers of the Gospel from falling, failing and stumbling in Jesus name.

  • Mr.

    I am trusting God for Divine Encounter and Favour

  • Deliverance from death

    I pray that I will not mourn over any of my family members especially my sister

  • Mr

    I want the mercy of God to speak for me,my ministry and family

  • Prayer request

    Pray for me that God will bless my family financially
    Pray for me that God will heal me of all diseases

  • Prayer Request

    I pray God will divinely heal me and take all monthly sicknesses away.

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