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  • Wisdom and revelation

    Please join me in prayers for all round wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

  • Miss

    Please pray for me and my friends, we got into a business together and suddenly it stopped paying, this situation is liable to distrust and defamation and total loss of their good reputation! Please join me in prayers that there be a divine release of the money and God should please take over

  • A prayer request to hunger and love the Lord

    I want pdaniel to pray with me to burn and love Christ with my all and also the business I'm about to start that God should show me signs to know if God is a part of it or not.

  • Financial breakthrough

    Currently in my final year as a physiotherapy student and finances is preventing me from registering and am just aking you all in joining me in faith for God's provision

  • Academic Breakthrough

    Have been applying for law for 3 years sir and I was always qualify even to be offered on merit to the extend that the VC of the school told me I didn't know how it happened that I need pray... Now sir it looks am losing all. Please pray for me sir.

  • Academic Breakthrough

    Sir am having issues with my academics, It looks like a spiritual attack cause I don't know how it happened which might result to an extra year. And am in my final year sir .

  • God's presence

    Sir,please intercede for me.My family has grown cold spiritually,we need revival.Friends,that do not give glory to God,we want no more.

  • Deliverance

    Sir,please pray for me.I have over-time noticed some stagnating patterns in my life and family,I am sick of grace to grass lifestyle,going round cycle.Some covenant somewhere is joking with my destiny.Sometimes when I sneeze,I see droplets of light moving around my face region for some happens occasionally. I don't know what it means,but will like to know.i need God to overhaul every process in my life and make everything anew.

  • FIRE

    My sincere heart cry is that God will grant me a large heart to accomodate the burn to pray and intercede for souls. I ask for HIS breathe upon my life.

  • Mr

    Father lock me up in a relationship with you

  • false gods family issue

    I want prayers, a friend of mine is in dire situation. She lost her sis. Dad took her to her late mum town. There they were told she and her sis were kids from the Gods. And because thier mum decided not to fortify them occasionally but decieded to take them to church. Now the gods want them back. Thats why ita killing them one by one.
    Now they are about to do an incision ritual tomorrow on her and her siblings. She's afraid. We are praying but hope if you all join us, God will arise and fight for us

  • Prayer for revival

    I also want you to pray for my family...that the fire of revival should fall upon us in our family.

  • Prayer for change

    I want you to pray for everything about me sir....everything in my life is not okay at all
    Just pray for me please

  • Provision For Tution Fees

    Sir, I need you prayers as to My Tuition fees, the deadline has passed, and I use to be on scholarship but I have been reaching out to my sponsors, they are not replying me. Sir, I believe the God serve is still doing his wonderous and miraculous works.

    Sir I just need you to support me in prayers, God bless your ministry in Jesus name, Amen.

    Kind Regards.

  • Prayer

    Please sir pray for me that my fire should not be put out by the storms of life. That every spirit of pride in me should die. That every works of the flesh in new should die by fire

  • prayer concerning my school fees

    pls sir I want you to pray for me concerning my school fees
    the lord should help from above b4 23 i should not be put to shame

  • Miss

    God deliver me from anger problem God deliver me from dreams setting me backward father help me dis year to serve u, to know u and to honor u

  • Prayers for grace

    For a peaceful marriage for my sisters. That the Lord silent the voice of marriage failures.

    That the Lord establish my brother and crown him with Glory

    That the Lord give unto me the honor and the crown of first son!

    May His holy fire spread from my family to the nations

  • God should make me a useful vessel in His vineyard

    1. I want God to baptize me with the HolyGhost

    2. I want God to break every poverty chain in my family



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